Substance Abuse

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The Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition (MCSAC) will ensure a ‘Hip’ (Healthy, Informed, and Proactive) community through collaborative planning, program development, community action, and public education that results in decreased substance use and abuse among youth.

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If Drugs and/or Alcohol are Becoming a ProblemHelp is Possible Look here Looking for Help?

Priority Areas:

Sector Representation:

The MCSAC has an engaged executive committee and commitment from twelve sector representatives.  The twelve community sectors include representation from health care professionals, schools, law enforcement, local government agencies, business community, mental health, parent, media, youth or youth-serving organization, faith organization, civic/volunteer group, and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse. The coalition has relationships in place with various entities, and this collaboration extends to numerous in-kind donations in various forms to enhance the goals of the coalition’s mission and vision.

Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA)

The MCSAC has a membership to Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), and a collation member has attended their mid-year training institute four out of five years.  The current coalition strategic planning forms utilizes CADA’s seven strategies to affect community level change for each of the priority areas.  The seven strategies are as follows: 1) providing information, 2) enhance skills, 3) provide support, 4) enhance access/reduce barriers, 5) Change consequences (incentives/disincentives), 6) change physical design, and 70 modify/change policies.  Activities are noted in each of these strategies to meet the overall goal of reducing substance abuse among youth and adult.

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Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition Executive Committee and  Sector Representation Click here to view the Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition Executive Committee and  Sector Representation

Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition