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The Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition was formed in 2006 with the focus to prevent and reduce substance abuse among young people in Monroe  County.   We focus on the reduction of underage drinking,  tobacco use, prescription drug misuse and abuse, and marijuana abuse. We are fortunate to have active student prevention leadership teams in Monroe  County high schools where peer-to-peer mentoring enables students to learn and teach how substance abuse negatively affects our community.


As we enter the summer months, we realize this is a  time when underage drinking can take place, especially with parents deciding it is safe to host an underage party or allow drinking to take place at their child's graduation party. They may deem it to be safer by taking the car keys of those who will be drinking, but this decision could have a devastating outcome.


We want to make parents and adults aware of the legal consequences that could evolve from this decision. Beyond legal consequences, they could be contributing to a lifetime addiction that is undetected in the adolescent.  As the flyer indicates, we are unable to look at others and determine if they are prone to alcoholism.   The other concern we want parents to be aware of is that the young person could be prescribed a medication that could interact with alcohol resulting in nausea, vomiting, headaches, fainting or worse. More than likely, the young person will not share if they are prescribed medications much less knowing if it could interact with alcohol consumption.  Do you want to take that chance?


In additionover 55% of Monroe County 12th and 11th graders indicated they have drunk alcohol at a friend's house.  The Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth provides this data, and the survey was administered in 2016 within the schools. Don't be part of the 55%, and do your part by not allowing underage drinking to take place in your home!


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